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Coronavirus: What history tells us about “flattening the curve”

Influenza struck the United States in spring 1918. By summer it seemed the outbreak was over, but a second wave of cases occurred in September. Two cities’ responses to the return of disease shed light on why today’s efforts to “flatten the curve” are so important. Continue reading

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Coronavirus and Las Vegas casinos: It’s a health gamble

My wife and I have enjoyed many visits to gamble in Las Vegas casinos. As the coronavirus pandemic threatens public health across the U.S. and world, I ask: How safe is it to gamble in casinos? Come on Vegas. You’ve … Continue reading

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FTC goes after fake news ads on the Web

The Federal Trade Commission has asked the federal courts to temporarily halt what it calls “allegedly deceptive tactics” of 10 operations using fake news websites to market acai berry weight-loss products. The FTC seeks to permanently stop this misleading practice … Continue reading

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Gov. Walker’s disingenuous war on America’s working class

The hypocritically ingenuous ploy of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to dismantle collective bargaining rights for public employees may be unraveling. The latest New York Times/CBS News poll indicates Americans oppose weakening the bargaining rights of public employee unions by a … Continue reading

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Kosovo and out

Prishtina, Kosovo: I am ending my two week teaching visit here and several images stay with me. The people I have met, the challenges and opportunities in Kosovo, my students. Thank you for this experience. The people I have met … Continue reading

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Kaiser survey: American health care benefits continue to erode

An annual survey released this week finds more American workers are seeing their health care benefits eroded. The Kaiser Family Foundation survey, released Tuesday, obtained in-depth responses from more than 2,000 private firms and non-federal public employers and echoes one … Continue reading

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Dear Congress: Fix our health care system

Dear Congress, You too President Obama. The latest study on the impact on health care costs should encourage you to do something for the people who elected you to office. The study, by the American Journal of Medicine, concludes that … Continue reading

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