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Donald Trump bungles facts, history on General John Pershing, Pigs, and Muslims

Did GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump confuse fiction for fact when he recounted a story last week for an audience at a South Carolina campaign stop? The fable involves former WWI General John J. Pershing’s service in the Philippines in the early … Continue reading

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Digging out

In Lincoln, Neb., the snow that pummeled this stretch of the Midwest yesterday has given way to sunshine. UNL classes have resumed. Despite the usual weather related accidents, traffic has returned to near normal. Businesses are open. Life is good … Continue reading

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ABC News strikes out on live coverage of Obama “fiscal cliff” remarks

NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox?  They were all there Monday providing live coverage when President Barack Obama delivered remarks saying it looked like an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff was “in sight.”  One exception: ABC News. The network was missing … Continue reading

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A McCoy Christmas: A measure of time

It didn’t start out this way. Our first Christmas/holiday greeting card was meant to be a simple way of keeping in touch with family and friends.  It was accompanied by a one page letter updating folks on our highlights and … Continue reading

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The Sandy Hook massacre: Do journalists need to interview children?

As journalists we are frequently taught to ask questions first and decide later what to use.  It’s good advice I share with my students. In today’s Internet fueled news world though the Sandy Hook massacre should give journalists something on … Continue reading

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Corn leaves in the wind (and other drought effects)

I’ve never seen it before. Across Lincoln, foot-long dried corn leaves are flying in from miles away, blown by the wind, scattered across city lawns and parks.  The browned corn leaves that seemingly have a life and journey of their … Continue reading

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CNN, Fox News credibility in question after Supreme Court ruling

It’s what CNN and Fox News didn’t do about yesterday’s inaccurate reporting on the U.S. Supreme Court decision that will likely impact their credibility. More for CNN. Less for Fox News. Got it first…Got it wrong In the race to … Continue reading

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Engineer raises concerns over Keystone XL pipeline

An interesting commentary by civil engineer Mike Klink in our local paper today. It’s about TransCanada, the company proposing to build the Keystone XL pipeline across Nebraska. Klink shared his concerns from his days working on the first Keystone pipeline … Continue reading

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Wildlife refuge for migrating birds draws thousands of visitors

Barney McCoy for NET News (2011-12-02) Click here to listen to my radio report on NET News. SQUAW CREEK NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, MO (NET Radio) – Ten miles east of Rulo, Neb., the Missouri River floodplain gives way to Squaw … Continue reading

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