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CNN, Fox News credibility in question after Supreme Court ruling

It’s what CNN and Fox News didn’t do about yesterday’s inaccurate reporting on the U.S. Supreme Court decision that will likely impact their credibility. More for CNN. Less for Fox News. Got it first…Got it wrong In the race to … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene spins TV reporters into “ridiculous” mode

The only thing more predictable than hurricane season may be the questionable, even ridiculous antics of some television journalists assigned to cover the storms. No need to question the newsworthiness of reporting on Hurricane Irene. It disrupted tens of millions … Continue reading

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Mississippi River flood gates open for cliche reporter stand-ups

Memo to television news reporters covering flooding along the Mississippi River:  Please refrain from doing stand-ups and live shots in the chemical and waste contaminated, snake infested  floodwaters you’ve been advising viewers to avoid.  Such actions could be hazardous to … Continue reading

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Royal wedding asks: Is U.S. TV news out of touch?

The second worst tornado in U.S. history devastated six southern states this week.  At least 343 people were killed. Thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed. The lives of millions of American have been plunged into crisis mode. TV … Continue reading

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