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A social media snapshot reveals the power and reach of mobile

What the heck is that? The illustration below is a NodeXL tool map graph created via the Social Media Lab at the University of Nebraska Omaha. It illustrates the various flight paths of Tweets that made mention of the MobileMe&You … Continue reading

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Make it clear to your audience: In this tragic story NBC doesn’t, CNN does

It’s a journalism basic Make the story understandable to your audience. Continue reading

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Bevo Francis; basketball scoring legend who saved his college dies

Bevo Francis is doing something he hasn’t been able to do for a long, long time. He’s dropping jump shots from every place on some basketball court far removed from earth, far removed from physical boundaries and his battle against … Continue reading

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A McCoy Christmas: A measure of time

It didn’t start out this way. Our first Christmas/holiday greeting card was meant to be a simple way of keeping in touch with family and friends.  It was accompanied by a one page letter updating folks on our highlights and … Continue reading

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Remembering the Kansas City skywalk collapse

It was an honor to wrap-up several months of research and reporting for a television news special last Friday on the 30th anniversary of the Kansas City Hyatt Regency hotel skywalk collapse. I worked on the special for KCTV5, the … Continue reading

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