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Digging out

In Lincoln, Neb., the snow that pummeled this stretch of the Midwest yesterday has given way to sunshine. UNL classes have resumed. Despite the usual weather related accidents, traffic has returned to near normal. Businesses are open. Life is good … Continue reading

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Notre Dame Manti Te’o hoax raises serious journalistic questions

It’s the dangerous side of sloppy journalism and poor independent fact checking.  Often, the size of the news organization has no bearing on who gets facts right, or in this case, gets it wrong. And some news organizations wonder why … Continue reading

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Bank of America, investors, still paying for Merrill Lynch sale

On the cusp of the 2008 financial meltdown I wrote about Merrill Lynch’s $50-billion sell-off to Bank of America, America’s second-largest bank. The move, according to the New York Times, was an attempt between the two companies to avert a “deepening … Continue reading

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ABC News strikes out on live coverage of Obama “fiscal cliff” remarks

NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox?  They were all there Monday providing live coverage when President Barack Obama delivered remarks saying it looked like an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff was “in sight.”  One exception: ABC News. The network was missing … Continue reading

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A McCoy Christmas: A measure of time

It didn’t start out this way. Our first Christmas/holiday greeting card was meant to be a simple way of keeping in touch with family and friends.  It was accompanied by a one page letter updating folks on our highlights and … Continue reading

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What’s the matter with Kansas: Public health, disasters and diseases

I don’t get it. Neither does Kansas Governor Sam Brownback nor other state political leaders. I’ve always been proud of Kansas. It’s where I was raised, educated and spent a third of my professional life. I always felt Kansas politicians … Continue reading

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What’s in a marriage? Perspectives

I was compelled to watch our oldest daughter Emily McCoy Glover talk about marriage tonight. What are the secrets to a lasting marriage? Emily was a guest on a live global video chat hosted by the Huffington Post. Emily married … Continue reading

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Corn leaves in the wind (and other drought effects)

I’ve never seen it before. Across Lincoln, foot-long dried corn leaves are flying in from miles away, blown by the wind, scattered across city lawns and parks.  The browned corn leaves that seemingly have a life and journey of their … Continue reading

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CNN, Fox News credibility in question after Supreme Court ruling

It’s what CNN and Fox News didn’t do about yesterday’s inaccurate reporting on the U.S. Supreme Court decision that will likely impact their credibility. More for CNN. Less for Fox News. Got it first…Got it wrong In the race to … Continue reading

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