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In the Moment

A chilly fall day raking leaves. As my wife and I watched our dog Makai frolicking in the leaves I was reminded how dogs (kids too) are so great at living in the moment. Shouldn’t we too? Click the video … Continue reading

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Fall in Lincoln, Nebraska

Today was one of those memorable fall days in Lincoln, Nebraska. A cold, clear morning. The streaming sunlight shined on leaves that clung to branches or lay, fallen and scattered, on the ground. The tree colors burn brightly for a … Continue reading

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The Keystone XL pipeline: Missing the point

The controversy surrounding the proposed Keystone XL pipeline reached new heights Friday when the U.S. State Department hosted the last in a series of public hearings on the 1,700 mile pipeline. It would carry tar sand crude oil from Canada … Continue reading

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Social Security: Fixing the class gap

There’s a class gap in Social Security. Here’s one idea to close the class gap and mend the Social Security so that it will support generations of future Americans. Continue reading

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This father’s daughter marrys

Time does this. It brings changes we can’t choose, ignore or control. We can hope for the best. In matters like these though we’re not the ones rolling the cosmic dice. I’m about to go from “father” to “father-of-the-bride.” I … Continue reading

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Heavy rains add new flood threat along Missouri River

It’s shortly after 3:00 a.m. Monday. The rain is still skidding off my roof in Lincoln, Neb., after the second deluge of this night. I’m worried for areas east of us along the Missouri River where flooding is already at … Continue reading

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Missouri River turns Midwest areas into Waterworld

Heavy rains this week have compounded historic flooding on the Missouri River in parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas, rendering many towns, villages and rural areas a Midwestern version of Waterworld.  As I write this update tonight, … Continue reading

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The Missouri River roars and humbles

One thing I like about the Midwest is that powerful weather still rules at times. Conversely, one of the things I fear about living here is that weather still rules at times.  All humans can do is bear witness, take … Continue reading

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FTC goes after fake news ads on the Web

The Federal Trade Commission has asked the federal courts to temporarily halt what it calls “allegedly deceptive tactics” of 10 operations using fake news websites to market acai berry weight-loss products. The FTC seeks to permanently stop this misleading practice … Continue reading

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Gov. Walker’s disingenuous war on America’s working class

The hypocritically ingenuous ploy of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to dismantle collective bargaining rights for public employees may be unraveling. The latest New York Times/CBS News poll indicates Americans oppose weakening the bargaining rights of public employee unions by a … Continue reading

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