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Heavy rains add new flood threat along Missouri River

It’s shortly after 3:00 a.m. Monday. The rain is still skidding off my roof in Lincoln, Neb., after the second deluge of this night. I’m worried for areas east of us along the Missouri River where flooding is already at … Continue reading

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Hamburg’s last hope against the flooding Missouri River

Missouri River floodwaters have reached the secondary levee that serves as the last line of defense for the southwest Iowa town of Hamburg. With floodwaters on their doorstep, Hamburg Fire Chief Dan Sturm says the secondary levee is the only … Continue reading

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The Missouri River roars and humbles

One thing I like about the Midwest is that powerful weather still rules at times. Conversely, one of the things I fear about living here is that weather still rules at times.  All humans can do is bear witness, take … Continue reading

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Royal wedding asks: Is U.S. TV news out of touch?

The second worst tornado in U.S. history devastated six southern states this week.  At least 343 people were killed. Thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed. The lives of millions of American have been plunged into crisis mode. TV … Continue reading

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A Flint Hills side trip to refresh the soul

There’s nothing quite like a road trip through the Kansas Flint Hills to refresh the mind and restore the soul. According to Wkipedia, the explorer Zebulon Pike first coined the name the “Flint Hills” in 1806 when he entered into … Continue reading

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Gov. Walker’s disingenuous war on America’s working class

The hypocritically ingenuous ploy of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to dismantle collective bargaining rights for public employees may be unraveling. The latest New York Times/CBS News poll indicates Americans oppose weakening the bargaining rights of public employee unions by a … Continue reading

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Lunar eclipse offers a glimpse of hope

I stayed up late/early last night to watch the solstice lunar eclipse. As lunar eclipses go, I’m told it was rare to have one happen on the winter solstice. It lasted for exactly three hours and 28 minutes.  The totality … Continue reading

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The Gulf’s perfectly oily storm

Worst environmental disaster in U.S. history? Everyone knows the answer-  The failure of the British Petroleum “Deepwater Horizon” oil rig. It exploded April 20th, killing 11 workers, and triggering a massive oil spill a mile beneath the surface in the … Continue reading

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