Charlie Sheen inspires new word

Charlie Sheen is on a roll. Whether you think he’s gone bonkers or is simply crazy like a fox, Charlie’s captured the attention of millions of people.

Today he was formally fired from the top rated TV show Two and a Half Men but managed to create an instant online persona with over 2 million followers on Twitter as he popularized the phrases “winning” and “tiger’s blood.”  He’s also doing “Sheen’s Korner” using a webcam and looking like a man in deep need of counseling.

But that’s just Charlie Sheen’s life during the past week .

Less recently, the Los Angeles Times Ministry of Gossip wrote about Sheen’s episodes inAspen, Las Vegas, the Plaza Hotel and that “extremely public divorce from Denise Richards” made the cut, as did the two-day house party that put Mr. Tiger Blood in the hospital in January and sparked his short-lived “in-home rehab” attempt.”

So- Let me be the first to propose a new word for the English language.
sheen, verb- a : to make unclean: as (1) : to add dirt, impurities, or extraneous matter (2) : to introduce corruption
— sheen up one’s act
: to behave in an unacceptable manner < I really got sheened last night>
Synonyms: besmirch, dirty, foul, soil, spot, stain, sully

Here’s to you Charlie Sheen. And please get some help real soon.


About Bernard McCoy

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2 Responses to Charlie Sheen inspires new word

  1. It’s been interesting, albeit sad, to watch Charlie’s downward spiral during the past week. I just hope for the best for the sake of his family.

  2. G Lo says:

    Reminds me of a story about a river in Africa that runs through Egypt. I think he is taking the “Let them eat cake” perspective. Onward through the fog Charlie. Hope you survive the trip, Enjoy the fall.

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